about our waxing services

At Portofino Beauty, our beauticians use century-old techniques and all-natural honey beeswax. The wax is delicate enough for most sensitive skin areas.

Brazilian waxing won't be a problem anymore with PORTOFINO: leave feeling smooth and soft. 

Between our highly skilled beauticians and all-natural products, an experience at Portofino Beauty is unlike any other!


*Waxing available at our new Midtown location only


Treat Yourself to a Portofino Wax

15% off your first visit!


Waxing For Her


Brazilian - $65
Full Back - $65
Lower Back - $35
Full Leg - $79
Half Leg - $45
Arm - $45
Underarm - $20


Waxing For Him


Men Brazilian - $90
Full Back - $100
Full Chest - $100
Lower Back - $50
Under Arm - $30
Arm - $55
Full Legs - $100
Half Legs - $55
Trimming Per Area - $50


Before Your Wax

Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment to take off all the dead skin cells and allow for a clean wax.

Do not use and moisturizers or creams before your wax as it could create a barrier between your skin and the wax.

Let the hair grow to at least ΒΌ inch so the wax can grab the hair when you come in.

If you are a tanner, please tan prior to your session or wait 24 hours after your wax as your skin will be sensitive. 

After your wax

After the first 24 hours moisturize everyday to keep your skin happy and gently exfoliate.

Don't shave as your hair will be courser and be more painful the next time you wax.

Avoid heat, excessive perspiration and tight clothing as it could clog pores.

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